About me

Like you, I am a product of countless events and human encounters.

My background includes military service as a young man and a first career as a journalist. I have traveled extensively, and come to know the ways of many cultures. I have talked of life and its problems and promises with a diversity of people, from those living in dirt hogans on the Navajo Reservation to those living in the cramped apartments of Russia.

I’d like to think that a lifelong willingness to fully immerse myself in life explains why I see and relate well with a wide range of clients, from age 17 and up.

As most of the photos you see on these pages will support, I am in love with the geography of The West. I believe it is symbolic of the indomitable spirit of independence and strength that people seeking healthy lives aspire to.

That picture of me on the bench? It is representative of my travels and my own search for answers in life. In this case, I am sitting in one of Paris’s highly visited celebrity cemeteries, contemplating the impact of the writers, builders, artists and philosophers who repose there.

As for clinical experience, I have been a therapist for more than 20 years, having received my master’s degree in social work from the University of Utah. My continuing professional education has included training and advanced certification at institutes in suburban Philadelphia and New York City. I’m a diplomate of the worldwide Academy of Cognitive Therapy, and have contributed to a textbook on cognitive behavior therapy.

I’ve helped people navigate through a wide range of life struggles: depression, anxiety, social anxiety, alcohol abuse, demoralizing jobs, debilitating medical conditions, grief, self-esteem problems, and the feeling that they just weren’t getting enough out of life and their relationships.