“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

What does lie within us? What role do we play in our experience of life? How much control do we have in matters of suffering and joy and the other vast life experiences that lie between? Do others and the world at large dominate our fate? Or do we have a say?

Our quality of life, our basic wellbeing, require that we have a say. Each of us is shaped by countless events and encounters with other people over a lifetime. But we should also feel the power to shape our world, not just be subject to its whims. An imbalance between the two can leave us anxious or depressed, or, at the least, feeling as if we are missing out on the life we would like. And deserve.

Therapy can help you develop more strength and self-appreciation so you can exercise more control over your life.

And at those times when you might actually have little control over events, therapy can help you harness the one power always in your control: Your mind. There is no greater potential ally.

My approach to therapy is, first and foremost, to ensure that you be heard. Over the years, I’ve found that far too many clients suffer from not being heard, whether in their early years or now within relationships or careers. Being truly heard, sometimes for the first time, helps you find and strengthen your voice. From being heard, all things flow. It is a wellspring. You begin to learn what’s truly in you.


Like you, I am a product of countless events and human encounters.

My background includes military service as a young man and a first career as a journalist. I have traveled extensively, and come to know the ways of many cultures. I have talked of life and its problems and promises with a diversity of people, from those living in dirt hogans on the Navajo Reservation to those living in the cramped apartments of Russia.

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